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People Seeking Apartments (Post your info on our site for free )

  • AGRICOLA. Cato Street BEDROOMS top and bottom flat $65 000 & $60 000. Prepaid meter, overhead tank, parking.
  • ALBOUYSTOWN APARTMENT to rent - fully furnished $5000 per day.
  • ANNA CATHERINA West Coast Demerara. 1, 2, & 3 BEDROOMS apartment at 11FT. X 12FT. FRONT business space
  • ATLANTIC GARDENS - split level two storey, 4 bedrooms, all selfcontained.
  • ATLANTIC GARDENS 5-BEDROOM executive 2-story building. fully furnished - $250 000.
  • ATLANTIC GARDENS Public Road. 1 TWO bedroom apt
  • ATLANTIC GARDENS US$1500, Semi-furnished US$500,
  • ATLANTIC GARDENS: Executive 2-flat building, 4 bedrooms each with AG uniis, semifurnished rented separately. 4 ex ecutive apartments furnished.
  • BAGOLSTOWN, EBD. 2-BEDROOM bottom flat apartment - $50 000: water & light included, parking available.
  • BEL AIR PARK 1-2 bedroom lower flat apartment to rent with AC, hot & cold, parking; us
  • BEL AIR PARK 3 bedroom fully furnished US$1200,
  • BEL AIR PARK unfurnished two-storey executive concrete building with all conveniences
  • BEL AIR VILLAGE ONE three-bedroom top flat in Bel Air Village - $110 000 month.
  • BEL AIR GARDENS US$3000. Eccles New Scheme unfurnished US$2000
  • BETTER HOPE ONE BEDROOM apartment inside toilet and bath.
  • BETTER HOPE.1 THREE-bedroom furnished apartment, excellent condilion
  • BETTER HOPE -BEDROOM modern bottom flat, , $55 000: 1-bedroom $40 000.
  • BLGEZIGHT Residence+Office+bond USS1200.
  • BOND space available to rent 4th floor form 200 sq. ft. 9500 sq. ft. elevator accessible. Call now for special rates on short and long term
  • CAMPBELLVILLE ONE 3-bedroom apartment serious enquires only.
  • CAMPBELLVILLE T Seaforth & Pike Streets,. .two-storey building ideal for business corner: location also up for salCAMPBELLVILLE APARTMENT and rooms for single female and foreign student
  • CAMPBELLVILLE. Craig Street, ONE two-bedroom apartment:
  • CAMPBELVILLE Section K, UNFURNISHED 3-bedroom top flat hot water, AC, grilled
  • CENTRAL KITTY FULLY furnished two-bedroom flat - air conditioned, security, parking,
  • CENTRAL GEORGETOWN Building has available for rental (long & short term) modern exec. Offices & mall spaces at affordable prices - 10 cated within. Call now for special rates.
  • CHURCH STREET $1.8M, North Road office $80 000/45 000.
  • CUMMINGS LODGE 3-bedroom top flat, semi-furnished
  • CUMMINGS LODGE, First Street - fully furnished one-bedroom apartment with AC, WiFi, parking
  • CUMMINGS LODGE Hugh Ghanie Park BOTTOM flat two bedroom unfurnished apartment situated at Lot 30
  • Da Silva Street - 6 houses from Vlissengen 2-BEDROOM bottom flat. 55 oad; decent working couple.
  • DA SILVA STREET 3-BEDROOM fully furnished; $90 000.
  • DIAMOND US$1500,
  • DIAMOND, 11th Street, ONE-bedroom apartment, two months security deposit. Contact
  • DIAMOND 2-BEDROOM house by itself at 1192 Block X, Diamond - $75 000 Negotiable. monthly.
  • DIAMOND AVAILABLE for immediate rental 2-bedroom flat, FULLY GRILLED, front half.
  • DIAMOND Main Road- store space to rent
  • DIAMOND ONE-bedroom furnished apartment: toilet & bath, kitchen & hall,
  • DIAMOND. ONE upper flat unfurnished 3-bedroom fully grilled, parking available at 4th Bridge
  • DIAMOND. One month rent $60,000, one month security.
  • DIAMOND; -bedroom apartment
  • DUNCAN STREET BUSINESS PLACE $60 000. Threebedroom top flat unfurnished $90 000, no parking, house by itself unfurnished, with parking $150 000, executive apartments US$900, US$1200, US$2000, upwards. .
  • EAST COAST HUGE building for bond or manufacturing: serious enquires only.
  • EAST STREET, NEW 2-bedroom bottom flat close to GPHC - $70 000 per month.
  • ECCLES, EBD: 2bedroom self-contained apartment;
  • ENMORE - Business complex with extensive land.
  • GARNETT STREET AND DELPH AVENUE, CAMPBELLVILLE,ONE two bedroom bottom flat apartment situate at Lol 27 Garnell Street and Delph Avenue, Campbellville,
  • GEORGETOWN, Cummings Street - $75 000 monthly.
  • GEORGETOWN- Commercial High Street US$1900.
  • GEORGETOWN-CUMMINGS STREET fully furnished two-bedroom upper flat with AC, WiFi
  • GOOD HOPE, PUBLIC ROAD AND COURBANE PARK. ONE & 2-bedroom self-contained apartments.
  • Grove ONE 3-bedroom apartment
  • HERSTELLING SCHEME ONE 2-bedroom apartment,
  • KITTY ONE-bedroom $80 000 and two-bedroom apartments $120 000: Station Street. Kitty Negotiable.
  • KITTY CAMPBELLVILLE and Camp Street, COMMERCIAL rentals apartment-buildings
  • KITTY furnished 3 bedroom US$800,
  • KITTY ONE modern two-bedroom apartment in Kitty - tiled floors, grilled windows & doors, toilet and bath, overhead water tank, etc. $70 000.
  • KITTY , BARR STREET,ONE-BEDROOM apartment sullable for single male
  • KITTY -BARR STREET, 3-BEDROOM front house - one master bedroom, two bath tubs, hot & cold, fans in all rooms also AC, huge verandah, breezy, beautiful lacquered house, beautiful kitchen, personal driveway, can hold three vehicles. .
  • KITTY: GARNETT STREET, Newtown ONE-bedroom back apartment in
  • KITTY 2-BEDROOM unturnished in Kitty for a couple; 2-bedroom fully furnished upper flal
  • KITTY ALEXANDER STREET LARGE ground floor business
  • KITTY BARR STREET BUSINESS place suitable for daycare/ barber shop,
  • LA PENITENCE -Middle Road -3-BEDROOM upstairs apartment unfurnished,.
  • LA PARFAITH HARMONIE WBD ONE modern two (2) bedroom bottom flat apartment with secured parking in $40 000 couple preferred.
  • LAMAHA GARDEN -3bedroom fully furnished in: serious calls only. .
  • LAMAHA GARDENS ONE studio apartment fully furnished in Lamaha Gardens - $80 000 per month; one two-bedroomi unfurnished bottom flat in Guyhoc Park - $55.000 per month.
  • LAMAHA STREET well appointed executive office 3000 sq. ft. Waller's-Delight furnished executive house $120.000,
  • LBI MODERN 2-bedroom top flat, LBI Road, $70 000.
  • MANY properties for rent from US$1000 - US$6000; call or visit for your request - suitable locations: Prashad Nagar, Lamaha Gardens, University Gardens, Oleander Gardens, Bel Air Park, Republic Gardens, Republic Park. Georgetown.
  • MON REPOS AND LBI. WO-bedroom apartment on the ECD also space for bond storage of business.
  • NANDY PARK Furnished 3 bedroom, US$1900,
  • NEW PROVIDENCE UNFURNISHED new threebedroom house i, Block 2; $65 000 per month
  • Newlown Kitty: 2 (TWO) 2-bedroom apartments to rent top flat $75 000, bottom flat $65 000.
  • NEWTOWN KITTY. NE apartment to rent
  • NEWTOWN upper flat 3 bedroom self- contained/untur nished
  • OGLE furnished US$1800/US$2,500. Eccles AA furnished US$2500
  • ONE 2-ton rice mill with all other facilities for the production and storage of rice.
  • Parfaith Harmonie. ONE two-storey three bedrooms house for rent in Parfaith Harmonie.
  • PARFAITH HARMONIE ONE family home with 2 bedrooms and parking located on the east coast. Serious enquiries, 10 minutes from Harbour Bridge $45 000 per month –
  • PETER ROSE Street furnished two-bedroom lop fiat with parking.
  • PRASHAD NAGAR NE fully furnished beautiful two flat residence/office in Prashad Nagar just seconds away from the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost, accommodation for several cars,
  • PRASHAD NAGAR 4 bedroom close to America School US$1200.
  • PROVIDENCE RIVERSIDE, furnished 16 mega apartments US$600 each.
  • PROVIDENCE EBD ONE fully secured two (2) bedroom house with parking Located family preferred
  • QUEENSTOWN fully furnished 1 & 3 bedroom apartments, A/C, hot & cold. WiFi, cable TV.
  • parking etc., overseas visitors, short-term.
  • QUEENSTOWN furnished one two-bedroom apartment:
  • SOESDYKE JUNCTION- 1st floor business premises. Approved for sports bar / club/ restaurant, All with modern conveniences.
  • SOUTH RUIMVELDT PARK NEWLY refurbished two-bedroom apartment, - Internet and telephone.
  • SOUTH RUIMVELDT 4 BEDROOM - $120.000, 2 bedroom fully furnished, ac, hot& cold - $120.000, 1 bedroom fully furnished, hot & cold $65.000
  • SUPERMARKET/bond space business place.
  • TRIUMPH APARTMENT for rental - free water, single or couple)
  • TRIUMPH. ONE four-bedroom house
  • TRUIMPH VILLAGE. ECD. ONE two-bedroom apartment for rent at Truimph Village. ECD.
  • VIGILANCE North, East Coast Demerara, three-bedroom - Telephone & parking. small working family: serious calls only.
  • VRYHEID'S LUST, ECD 2-BEDROOM grilled and meshed self-contained apartment with indoor parking - free water, wifi and garbage disposalt breezy, secure and quiet. 2 months' rent in advance at $52 000 per month: no security deposit, no pets,
  • WEST R/VELDT, H/S ROOMS for bachelors $25 000 monthly, light & water inclusive,
  • WEST COAST DEMERARA ONE upper flat furnished (excluding fridge) three bedrooms of which one is air conditioned, safe parking in yard, owner lives in the lower flat, located on the public road of West Coast Demerara

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*Attention Guyanese & Non Guyanese*

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