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The following Debt Collection Advice & Information applies to Trinidad & Tobago.

The law is intricate and you must seek advice for your particular circumstances.

Here are some general points which may or may not fit in with your facts.

1. Ordinarily, when you wish to recover money owed to you make sure that you act in court within 4 years when the debt first arose. If you do not the debtor or the person or his or her Lawyer can raise a point that you have moved too late to recover your debt. As a result you will not be able to get your money. Lawyers call that the law of limitations.If you act outside the time you will simply lose the case.

2. If the person acknowledges the debt within 4 years the limitation period increases.

3. Debts over $ 15 000.00 must be taken before the High Court and below that figure in the Petty Civil Court which is held in the usual Magistrate’s court buildings. 3. It is a sound idea if you have some sort of documentary proof of the debt owing to you.

4. However, you can still succeed without paper once you can prove your case by yourself or through witnesses.

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