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The main commercial centers in Guyana.
Guyana is divided into three counties. When you enter Guyana by an international carrier you enter either  Cheddi Jagan International Airport or  Eugene Correia International Airport.  Both are in Demerara. Georgetown is the capital  and the administrative center  of  Guyana. From Georgetown you can go by road to Bon Fim in Brazil or Suriname by going through  Berbice.
When you go east of  Georgetown you can  go to the county of  Berbice . New Amersterdam , Rose Hall and  Corriverton are the main centers for commerce in Berbice . From Berbice you can go to Suriname and then French Guiana by road.

If you go west you go to Essequibo . Parika, Bartica and Anna Regina are the commercial centers in Essequibo.

Banking information.  put together and  provides useful  banking information  for the business  convenience of  overseas business men and women  and visitors . The information  is intended for use of travelers whether   entering Guyana  through Cheddi Jagan International Airport ,  Corriverton from  Suriname and Lethem from Bon Fim , Brazil. If there are any omissions please write  Out of branch ATM has been listed also
These are the commercial  banks, arranged alphabetically  operating in Guyana
Bank of  Baroda
Bank of Nova Scotia
Citizen Bank  Ltd
Demerara Bank
Guyana Bank for Trade
Republic Bank Guyana

From CJIA as  you travel by road on the East  Bank of   Demerara to Georgetown  the first cluster of Banks is at Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara.
Demerara Bank Ltd
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry East Bank Demerara
Republic Bank ,  Plantation Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara

Further   travelling on the East  Bank Road  towards  Georgetown  there is  in  The Ramada Princes Casino  is the  Providence Branch of   Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry .

As you approach Greater   Georgetown on the  East  Bank of  Demerara   at Banks DIH Complex Mandela Avenue Georgetown, Guyana is:

Citizen On the East  Bank  of   Demerara

In  Georgetown all the banks have their  head offices can be found . Some have branches in the city. They are, alphabetically,
Bank of  Nova Scotia, Carmichael Street Branch       104 Carmichael StreetNorth Cummingsburg
Bank of  Nova Scotia Robb Street Branch      Robb Street ,  Lacytown Georgetown
Baroda ,Georgetown Demerara   Georgetown  10  Avenue of the Republic and  Regent  Street,
Citizen -233 Camp Street & South Road Lacytown, Georgetown
Demerara Bank Ltd. Head Office: 230 Camp Street & South Road, Georgetown, Guyana.
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 138, Regent Street, Lacytown, Georgetown
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 47-48 Water Street,  Georgetown, Guyana
Republic  Bank 38-40 Water Street, Georgetown
Republic  Bank  78-80 Camp and Robb Streets, Georgetown 
Republic Bank   155-156 New Market Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown

When you leave Georgetown and go up the East Coast  Demerara you reach the following banks
Demerara Bank Ltd         Mon Repos Branch (E.C.D.) Lot 30 Tract “A” First Street Ground Floor, Mon Repos Mall, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, Guyana.

Republic  Bank  Triumph  W ½ Lot 34 and Lots 35-37 Section ‘C’, Triumph, East Coast Demerara 

On the West Coast  Berbice  at  D’Edward  REPUBLIC  BANK  Lots 4–6 Section 'D' N 1/2, D'Edward Village, West Bank Berbice

The next city is  New Amersterdam  where you find a  number of braches
Bank of  Nova Scotia,New Amsterdam Branch          12 Strand   New Amsterdam,Berbice
Republic Bank  ,Lot 16 Strand, New Amsterdam, Berbice. 

From New Amsterdam  on your way to Corrivertown you will reach the township of Rose Hall
There you will find these banks.
Rose Hall
Demerara  Bank Ltd , Rose Hall - 71 Public Road Rose Hall, Corentyne, Berbice
Republic  Bank ,   29 Public Road, Rose Hall, Corentyne, Berbice

At nearby Port Mourant Branch,  Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 2, Area Q, Port Mourant, Berbice

 Corriverton Branches
Demerara  Bank, Corriverton - Number 78 Village, Corriverton, Corentyne, Berbice
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 211, No. 78 Village, Corriverton, Corentyne, Berbice,
Republic  Bank,   Corriverton  Lot #78 Corriverton, Corentyne, Berbice

 So if you are coming by Ferry from Suriname you will reach the  banks at Corrivertown , then Rose Hall and then New Amersterdam. If you are heading for  Georgetown you will  travel through the  West Coast of  Berbice and then East Coast of  Demerara and then in Georgetown

When you leave  CJIA  you can turn off to Linden Town where you will find the following banks
Republic Bank

When you reach the Demerara Bridge and you turn off left  and go on the West Coast of  Demerara  . You will find the following banks at  Vreed en Hoop
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 'N' Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara,
Republic Bank    27 'C' Stelling Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara 

You travel to Parika, East  Bank Essequibo  where the following banks can be found
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Lot 300, Parika Public Road, East Bank Essequibo, Guyana 

From Parika if you take a water taxi and go up about 60 miles the Essequibo  River you will  find Bartica. Of course you can take a plane from  Eugene Correia Airport and travel by plane to Bartica where the following  banks are:
Bank of  Nova Scotia,Bartica Branch  2nd Avenue,Bartica
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry 59 2nd Avenue, Essequibo River,  Bartica.

From Parika you can take the Government Ferry and go to Supernaam on the Essequibo Coast  and travel by road to Anna Regina where you will find the following banks.Of course you can go by plane to Essequibo  Coast and go to Anna Regina
Bank of  Nova Scotia, Parika  East Bank Essequibo
Demerara Bank Ltd , Anna Regina - 41 Second Street, Cotton Field, Anna Regina Essequibo
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry   ,Lot 2, Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast,
Republic Bank,  Lot 8 Public Road, Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast

If you go to Lethem by road or plane to the  Rupununi  Savanah which is on the border with Brazil you also find banks at Lethem.

Rupununi   Lethem (121) , Rupunini,  Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Barrack Retreat, Lethem,  Rupununi.
Lethem  Republic  Bank,   Manari Road, Lethem, Rupununi.

North West District you also find there.
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Turn Basin, Port Kaituma, North West District.

Cheddi Jagan International Airport Republic Bank
Giftland Mall Republic Bank
Harbour Bridge Mall               Republic Bank
MacKenzie Linden Northern Gate Republic Bank
Massy Stores (Guyana) Inc.Amazonia Mall, Block M, Providence, Republic Bank
Boodhoo’s General Store Lot 1996 Parika HighwayEast Bank Essequibo Republic Bank
Rubis Service Station Mandela Avenue Georgetown Republic Bank
Wren Avenue   61 Wren Avenue and Aubrey  Barker Street, South Ruimveldt Republic Bank

Pegasus Guyana          Seawall Road, BONS
Courtyard Mall           Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown BONS
Harbour Bridge Mall   Bagottstown, East Bank Demerara    BONS
Eugene F Correia Airport,      Ogle, East Coast Demerara.    BONS
Marriott Hotel Seawall Road, Kingston BONS
Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri  BONS

Medicare Building at Lot 22 Mon Repos Public Road,  (GBTI)
Anna Catherina
Harbour Bridge Bagotstown (GBTI)
Mandela Avenue (GBTI)
Pritipaul Dispenser (GBTI)
Sheriff Street (GBTI)
Giftland Mall (GBTI)


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